Thursday, 9 December 2010

Carrot Bundles

Carrot - 1 medium
Spring onion greens - 2-3 springs

Choose tender, young carrots. Peel thinly. Cut off a thin lengthwise slice from each carrot to make the carrot stable when slicing thinly. Cut carrot into finger lengths. Place carrot cut-side down; cut into thin lengthwise slices. Stack three to four carrot slices on top of one another; cut into fine matchstick strips. Drop into boiling water to blanch for thirty seconds. This brightens the colour. Refresh under cold running water. For the ties use the greens of spring onions. Pour boiling water over to soften them, drain and rinse under cold water. Cut them into narrow strips. Make bundles of the carrot strips and tie them with spring onion greens. Carrot bundles look lovely on salad platters or floating on thick soups.

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