Thursday, 18 November 2010

Coconut Red Bean Pudding


Water Chestnut Flour -   60 g
Corn Flour    -  80 g
Evaporated Milk  -    100 ml
Coconut Milk   -     200 ml
Granulated Sugar  -     15 tbsp
Boiled Hot Water    -      1000 ml
Canned Red Bean   -  40 g


1.Dissolve sugar in hot water and keep aside

2. Mix water chestnut flour, corn flour into a plain square container

3. Add  the  evaporated milk and coconut milk  to the above and mix them well

4. Pour in the boiling sugar water, stir well until form paste.

5.Allow the paste to cool

6.Now add in red bean, stir again until red bean i sevenly distributed

7.Refrigerate the above till the paste hardens

8.Cut into small square pieces, dish up and serve

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