Thursday, 18 November 2010

Palachulai Juice

Palachulai ( jackfruit pieces ) :     5
Milk    :    ¼ litre
Ripe mango    :    1
Sugar    :    150 gm
Honey    :    as needed
Badam     :    as needed
Cashew    :    as needed
Cardamom    :    4 or 5
Salt    :    a pinch


Cut mango and jackfruit into small pieces and grind in a mixie.
Boil milk well and cool it.
Soak badam and cashew in water and grind to a paste.
Mix ground fruit, cashew paste and milk.
Add honey, sugar, salt, powdered cardamom and blend it in a mixie.
Store it in the fridge and serve.

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