Saturday, 20 November 2010

Frozen Chocolate Nut Mousse


To serve 12 - 15 persons

Egg    :    6
Castor sugar    :    1 cup
Rum    :    2 tbsp
Walnut pieces    :    ¼ cup
Praline    :    ¼ cup
Cream    :    ½ kilo
Ordinary chocolate    :    1 cup
Vanilla    :    ½ tsp
Chocolate ( small pieces )    :    ¼ cup
Tartar cream    :    a pinch


Beat butter and ½ cup sugar till it is creamy.
Mix with chocolate, rum, vanilla and mix well.
Mix white of egg, tartar cream, ¼ tsp salt and beat well.
Add ½ cup sugar, little by little and beat till stiff.
Beat cream, fold with chocolate mix.
Fold with white of egg, do not beat.
Fold in walnut, chocolate pieces and praline.
Transfer it to a chilled cup and freeze overnight.
Decorate with cream and grated chocolate the next day.
Serve straight from the freezer.

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